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angustiae death has presented me a gift of words.
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i don't know what this is 😅. i'm new here, and i'll try to share with you what i come up with. for this one, this is titled DCO for a reason. for all of you who get it, bless you. but for all of you who don't, it's fine. just read between the lines snd try REVERSE some stuff 😏. anyway, the main message for this poem is that if you're in the spectrum, you are completely loved and you are fine, just stay true. 💞

DCO —angustiae // ladypoemoon

i'll put the tiles on your right place of mind

and I won't ever let the rope go to a place where you don't know

baby, just say hello and I will fall and melt and never learn to grow

i will swear on valdaro that the skeletons are never lying right just for you

so tell me what's making you sad tell me what's making you mad and I will make you mine on a testament of olden times

just let me let me love you

and when the four seasons turn five when you don't feel fine and the skies are crushing you down

i will hold you in my wings we'll make a shelter out of dreams and i will never let you go until the winds don't blow for you

put the colors on the prism put an end to all those feelings but i love you just the way you are i do love you just the way you smile

and i'll go inside of your unknown mind i will serenade you with the strings that you like

cause I'll put the tiles on your right place of mind I will swear on valdaro and I will never let go hold you in my wings and love your smile in my dreams

i love you, dear cause i do and don't ever let go cause i won't te amo to love you is what i do and i don't care if you're different because that just sums up how much i love you.

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