When You Learn To Hate
When You Learn To Hate emotions stories

angrygirl87 Community member
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Sometimes hate is all you can feel... For someone you ought to love.

When You Learn To Hate

When you hate someone you ought to love, Honestly, we are family only in name, Everyone tells me to love her unconditionally, But isn't she supposed to do the same?

How can you think what you're supposed to do, It is no body's fault, such a shame! If I am emotional, she is indifferent, Frankly, I am not the only one to blame?

Together, life is miserable and you aren't happy, When one is cruel and other is sad, There is not much you can do, When life hurts you and drives you mad.

When there is something within you, That something driving you insane, And the hate in your heart is now tangible, Making you wonder which memories of her to retain.

However farfetched, it is still the truth, You hate her because she is mean, She has an evil soul and her heart is black, You hate her because of all that you've seen.

With her soulless eyes and her cruelty, You put up a fight, but she did you wrong, You didn't want to give in to hatred, You thought you were strong.

You wanted to love and remain kind, But in the end, you fell and lost the sight, Eventually, her being your family wasn't enough, You forgot what was not and what was right.

It is not that easy, it is not that simple, You can't help the hatred in your heart, You did your best, you tried to forget the rest, But it is now too late for a new start.

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