When You Are Sad
When You Are Sad sad stories

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When you're sad what do you do?

When You Are Sad

When you are sad what do you think about?

You don't want to shout,

You do want to say something,

But you don't want to say it out loud.

When you really want others to understand,

But you don't have words to explain,

It hurts and you are in so much pain,

Somehow, all your efforts seem to be in vain.

When your world is falling apart,

And you don't know from where to start,

You don't want to cry, you don't want to die,

Instead, you want to live, you want to laugh.

So, what do you do?

Think! Think hard, from where can you start?

Is there anyone you can trust?

You must speak and speak you must.

Yes! You don't have to shout,

Just say it a little bit aloud,

Someone will hear you for sure,

Because that is your ultimate cure.

Even if you think that it is too late,

You still need to communicate,

Make yourself be heard and understood,

That will make you feel really good.

So, are you still sad?

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