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Have you ever wondered...

When Life Stops

Have you ever wondered How it must feel like to wait for someone, Who, you know, would never come –

When a day feels like an eternity, You find yourself in an infinite time loop, Hoping against hope, that what is, isn’t true?

You’ll never look at the moon the same way again, Her eyes will always look back, haunting your nights, That’s what it feels like when your life stops –

When it comes to a standstill, You’ve been unfortunate to lose the only person, You have ever truly loved.

The wind will always feel like her touch, Stealing your breath, Because you smell her scent on it –

She is nowhere and yet everywhere, In your dreams and waking moments, The pain you feel is endless, immeasurable.

She is gone forever, no doubt in that, But can you bury your memories, Along with her corpse?

It won’t be easy and all you can do is To wait for the time to pass, Slowly but surely, something will change.

Your heart might never stop aching, But in time, it’ll hurt a little less, And you’ll be able to smile once again,

Even though the tears are here to stay, But smiling through your tears, You’ll cherish the love you once had.

When your life stops, it must restart too, But not in the same way, Because you’re a different person now –

You hold a feeling deep in your heart, Something that wasn’t there before, A bittersweet pain that’s all yours.

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