When Change is Needed, Be Brave!
When Change is Needed,
Be Brave! life stories

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Sometimes you don't get to choose
The path you walk on in life...

When Change is Needed, Be Brave!

Sometimes you don’t get to choose The path you walk on in life, But remember that; It’s not unchangeable.

Nothing is ever set in stone, Every step that you take Can be retraced — You can change direction at any time you want.

You can go a different way, If that pleases you, Or take a U-turn If that’s what you want to do.

There is no limit to your options, So don’t put yourself in a cage, like a fool, As long as you are alive and willing, You go can go wherever you like.

You can carve your own destiny, And do whatever your heart desires, Easy or full of hardships, The path you walk on isn’t permanent.

Only sky is the limit, If you’re brave enough to take this chance — When change is needed, You should change directions.

That’s not all, though, Even if you can take any road you like, It doesn’t mean that you can’t also, Leave it all to chance.

Let the wind of fate carry you away, Take a step without looking down, If this is your wish then so be it, Go and let yourself discover new worlds.

Without inhibitions, you can move forward, No need to worry about the future, Because not everything needs to go as planned, Sometimes, these things happen without reason.

Change can be good or bad, Staying the same can be comfortable, Make your choice, but keep this in mind; It must be yours and yours alone.

You will be walking alone, Weathering each storm as it comes your way, Do as you please and let me tell you this; Don’t let someone else dictate your life’s path.

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