We Rest Our Case
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Story of a girl who learned to live again.

We Rest Our Case

Sitting by the window as she listens to the raindrops fall, Washing away her sorrow, she is in awe of it all.

It’s a miracle that we behold today as she smiles, All is right with the world, there are no more cries.

The rainbow arches above her soul like a halo, Her anger is no more and she is lovely, dear fellow.

It took her years but she finally got over her past, Those who abandoned her, she has forgotten at last.

The rain poured down more fiercely, no more tears, She laughed, it was beautiful music to our ears.

That beautiful, sad girl has finally learned to let go, Of everything weighing her down, to and fro.

She is not the same person, that much remains true, But in many ways, she is so much better than you.

She has learned to take care of herself before others, She knows that not loving herself is painful, it smothers.

She does love people even more, But in a different way than before.

She will make them the happiest, if they stay, We hope that from now on things go her way.

She won’t compromise her own smiles anymore, That is okay because that’s how it ought to be, for sure.

She must love herself before she loves you or me, She will keep growing, life is much like a tree.

Another day and yet the same story we will tell, Of a girl, and her past in which she will no longer dwell.

Note: With this last piece I am finishing my collection of "Musings of an Angry Girl." Thank you for being a part of my writing journey. It is much appreciated. I don't know what I will write next but I do hope that it is something good. Until then TC.

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