Together Again: Fate and Destiny (Final Part)
Together Again: Fate and Destiny (Final Part) hope stories

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For two unfortunate souls, happily-ever-after is not something they can choose.
They must fight a good fight, all the while hoping for death to lose.

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Together Again: Fate and Destiny (Final Part)

They said third time’s a charm. Perhaps this time no one would have to die. This time love might withstand it all. But it was too much to ask for.

She remembered and she hated. That had never happened before. She had never hated him before. He wondered what she had in mind for him. He knew it would be nothing good.

“You must have known this was coming.”

“Yes, I expected this much. You’re still as beautiful as ever.”

“Flattery won’t help you. Not this time. This time I remember it all, from the very beginning.”

“That’s a twist I wasn’t anticipating.”

“Ha! You must be so surprised then.”

“I am.”

“It matters not. I am leaving. I shall never come back.”

“You can’t do that. You can’t just leave like that. Balance must be kept. This is our duty. Besides, there is nowhere to go.”

“As if I would care about duties? And you don’t know everything.”

“You must understand. You’re pragmatic. You must see the wisdom in what I did.”

“You broke my heart and you killed me. Not once but many times. Every time.”

“It was the right thing to do. It’s something that’s meant to happen.”

“Not this time. This time is different. I know a secret even you don’t know.”

“There are no secrets here.”

“Oh, yes, but there is one.”


She didn’t kill him. That was never her intention. Even in her hatred she loved him. She took him with her though. They both left their plane of existence, together.

It wasn’t that she didn’t understand the balance, it was only that she was tired of losing to him, losing him. She was tired of life winning every single time.

It had to end, and she made it happen. Multiverse was no more. After all, this time she knew the truth, she had changed her ways and he had to follow.

She wasn’t going to leave him behind to perish. No, they needed to find happiness together and so they did, in a way.

From here on wards, life must not interfere with their existence. Now, they would be the ones controlling it. They had come to a place where they could be together, without tripping the balance.

This world belonged to them both, equally. Fate and Destiny, together, forever.

Here, they were one and the same, and life bowed down to them, death didn’t stand a chance either, all the while hope ruled supreme.

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