To The Past
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It's human to have regrets, but you should not lose your present and future to your past.


To The Past

In the midst of despair, a desire emerged,

To relive my life, this time to get what I really deserved.

All of a sudden I am seven again,

That cute little child inside of me somewhere remains.

I see the world through a whole different light,

Silly little things that will always end in a fight.

Nothing is ever life or death when you're a kid,

You love with all your heart and nothing is morbid.

I am beginning to be happy with my trip to the past,

Then all of a sudden I get another new start.

I'm sixteen and trying to fit in the world somewhere,

Feeling strange things that I cannot yet share.

"Oh, it's just the teenage," that's what they say,

To me, it's my life, if you may.

These are not the memories I wish to retain,

Alas! the dreaded teenage, I don't want to live again.

Now I'm twenty-five, just starting on my own,

A glimpse into the life that I want, all the things that I'm shown.

Ah, to be so young and full of hope,

To be able to aim for the stars with just a little bit of rope.

When you're in your twenties, how dreamy life can be,

Falling in love as you go, growing like leaves on a sturdy tree.

This is where I want to stay and be at the top of the world once more,

This is the age I missed the most, yes, yes, for sure.

But that is not the purpose of this journey through time,

Reliving what has already been lived would surely be a crime.

So, here I'm to the age I belong,

Where a moment ago I was crying,

I now have no regrets because I know I was trying.

I finally understand that it was futile to regret,

A trip to my past has reminded me all which I should never forget.

From here onward, I will live in the present, be my age,

And give my final performance on this life's stage.

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