There Was a Girl
There Was a Girl feelings stories

angrygirl87 Community member
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Once there was a girl...


There Was a Girl

There was a girl with a complicated soul,

Her endless capacity for love had made her whole.

She was giving and kind,

There was only positivity in her mind.

She loved and she cared,

Her heart, with the world she shared.

She let people in and kept the door ajar,

Many admired her from afar.

She believed in all the things good,

But there was so much she never understood.

She hoped and she prayed,

The love in her soul stayed.

Until one fateful day, she lost her crown,

Then everything turned upside down.

In fact, her very soul turned inside out,

That was the first time she let her heart shout.

She cried and she raged,

The anger in her heart remained.

And her very soul became fury, it bled and bled,

Turning her entire world dark red.

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