The More You Give ~ Musings of a Bleeding Heart

             The More You Give

~ Musings of a Bleeding Heart she stories

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This poem is dedicated to my grandmother (RIP)

The More You Give ~ Musings of a Bleeding Heart

She gave and gave never expecting anything in return, She lived her life for others never complaining even once.

She was generous to a fault and gave away the last of herself, She believed that some day she will receive the love she deserves.

Alas, she was wrong because life is not so fair, In the end, all she received was a lack of love and little care.

On her death bed, she was lying utterly alone, No loved one to kiss for the last time and say goodbye to.

Yet even then she pretended to be okay and did not complain, Until the very end, a beautiful smile on her face remained.

She did what she did and lived a life she believed in, Her heart was warm and her soul was giving,

She was content with her life and didn’t require anyone, But we know that was a lie because she did care.

One thing is for sure though, she must have gone to a happy place, Because what else there could be for a soul that left behind no trace,

Of hatred, or resentment, of anger or sadness, to her life was fine, There was a light in her soul she had let that shine.

She had given so much love and so much care, so what? If she didn’t receive enough in return, it was never her intention, She didn’t like it when her good deeds people mention.

To her, the more you give is not so that the more you receive, To her, giving is a choice you should make regardless, Because this life is fleeting and there is a life after,

That life matters more and for it, she was preparing, In all the love and care that she was sharing.

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