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angrygirl87 Community member
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Don't make it your duty to correct every perceived wrong. Breathe!

Take a Deep Breath

Stop torturing yourself, Wondering what our lives mean, Wanting to change people, Is truly a futile dream.

Let the world drown, To the depths of its misery, Only then it can be reborn, As something that's worthy.

Nothing will change, Because someone wants it to, In the things working a certain way, There's hidden a clue for you.

If you keep thinking about, What was or what will be? It won't do you any good; hindering, Holding you from being free.

Everything in the world Is temporary anyway, Tomorrow will bring new tidings, So, what if things are bad today?

Remember that the new beginnings, Are always just around the corner, Be patient, be hopeful, Things might take a turn for the better.

Take a deep breath, And step back, Let go of your fears, Trust that life's on track.

Watch life play out, It might surprise you in a good way, Even if not, That too will be okay.

Don't worry too much About what others should do, Forget about correcting every wrong, Let's keep your focus on 'you.'

The truth is that; You're the only person you can control, Think before you start worrying, Don't make changing someone else your goal.

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