Sea the Mysterious Mistress
Sea the Mysterious Mistress flash fiction stories

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"I must insist that you don't leave the boat," he warned me, "no matter what." "Why?" I asked, confused by Captain's cryptic remark.

Sea the Mysterious Mistress

"I must insist that you don't leave the boat," he warned me, "no matter what."

"Why?" I asked, confused by Captain's cryptic remark.

"It's for your good. Trust me on this," he said distractedly, "I'll try to figure out what's wrong with the yacht and how we ended up so far off course."

"How long are we going to be stuck here?" I said impatiently.

"Not long if I can help it. Of all the places for us to stop... These waters ..." He trailed off, "anyhow, just stay put for now." With that, he went down to the engine room.

The yacht was stranded and there was nothing much I could do. This vacation wasn't going the way I had hoped. First, my friends ditched me at the last moment. I decided to continue as planned. Now, here I was, lost at sea.

Something caught my eyes and I looked towards the sea. The water was clear and light blue. It didn't look that deep and seemed so welcoming. There was something beneath the surface. Was that a person or a fish? I decided to check it out.

I was a good swimmer and never the one to stay put. So, I jumped into the water and started swimming along the waves. In my curiosity, I didn't even think about Captain's warning.

And that's when I felt the tug.

Someone or something was trying to pull me down into my watery grave. I tried hard to pull away but all my efforts were futile. I heard someone calling out my name and then nothing.

I woke up in some kind of cave. Water was touching my feet while I lay on the bank of an underground lake.

I heard voices and as I looked towards them what I saw had me gasping for breath with fear.

Unable to scream, I stared. If these hideous creatures in front of me were merpeople then everything I had heard about them was wrong. They were no sirens.

There was no way any man would ever follow them willingly. These were the things our nightmares were made of. MerZombies was the word that came to my mind.

They were all looking at me and talking in shrill voices, a language I didn't understand. Honestly, I didn't want to. Then they stopped talking, every gaze on me. What would they do to me?

"Where am I?" I said, at last, mustering up my courage. More wide-eyed stares, was all the response that I got. I started to look around in hopes of finding a way out.

Only if I could get away from them, maybe deeper into the cave...

That's when I saw it. My corpse, lying there a few feet away from me... So still, as dead as night and as cold as a snowball...

Then I looked at those hideous beings in horror and when one of them spoke I understood it as clear as day. "You are one of us now."

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