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Lying to yourself is probably the worst form of lies.


Of all the things we do and regret And the things we wish to forget

The worst are the lies we tell ourselves The stories at hidding our soul excels

To lie about the feelings you didn't want to show, God forbid And lying to others isn't all you did

You also lied to yourself as if it was no big deal As if there is no regret your heart will later feel

Wrong you were and what you did Ignoring your love was indeed stupid

Feelings are not something you can play with even if they are your own You should not lie about them as they must always be shown

You need to be true to yourself before you can be honest to others Be brave and before truth obscures

When you love, when you hate, when you envy, and when you are kind, No matter how you feel, keep this in mind,

Just be honest and tell yourself the truth Changing feelings are a part of youth

Don't be afraid, this is normal, You don't have to feel the same way forever.

All you need is to be honest when it happens Don't let it tear you and your loved ones to shreds

You have to tell the truth and let it all out in the open Don't take these secrets to your death beds

Of all the lies I have ever told Of all the things I have ever behold I regret the lies I told myself About the love that was just a ghost Of a memory long forgotten And the changing feelings unbegotten

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