If Life Was Easy
If Life Was Easy poem stories
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angrygirl87 Community member
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If our lives were easy, they were simple and all the things breezy...

If Life Was Easy

If our lives were always easy They were simple and All the things breezy

Would we appreciate it More or less When by a window we sit

Thinking about the things that matter not Or maybe matter the most And all the fights that we've fought

The things we should forget And the ones we must remember Also, those that we'd always regret

When we smile after a long day Tired to our bones Hoping for someone to stay

In our hearts and in our lives By our side Even if for a little while

Life is hard, there must be a reason For why things are what they are For everything, there must be a season

Laughter without tears is worthless Certain things make sense Only when you're a hot mess

Love without hatred is unrecognizable Instability instills the importance Of all the things that are stable

So, I ask you this;

What will you miss if life was easy Would it be better or worse If it was all the things breezy

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