I Must Go On
I Must Go On inner demon stories

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P.S. May you be able to fight off all your inner demons, just as well as I did!

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I Must Go On

It was dark, as I walked on – Rain pouring down on me, Trying to slow me down, But I was determined To reach a place I’ve dreamed of.

Through the rushing water, I saw a figure approaching – That’s how I met him, A man with a problem For every solution I could think of.

‘Why are you walking in the rain?’ He asked me softly, Judgement evident from his tone – ‘I have some place to be,’ I said, But that wasn’t the answer he sought.

‘It’s so dark, we can barely see,’ He gazed at me through narrowed eyes, Negativity dripping from each word – ‘Stop, you can always start tomorrow,’ He continued, as if he knew me at all.

That’s when I stopped, and so did the rain – ‘Why wait for a tomorrow that never comes?’ I said, my determination remained unshaken, ‘Time won’t wait for me, I must go on,’ The fate has it decreed, so off I went again.

‘You fool,’ he said, his tone darker than before, ‘What difference a day would make?’ I was tired, no doubt in that – All I wanted to do was rest and take a nap, But if I stopped, would I be able to start again?

That question had plagued my very existence, And now here he was, making me rethink, Telling me what I should do, but Somethings are easier said than done, I reminded myself not to listen to a stranger,

What did he know of me Or of my journey through the night? ‘Who are you to judge?’ I said at last, ‘I know what I’m doing, I’m on the right path.’

‘You’ll regret this,’ he tried one last time, ‘The night will break you, You should wait for the dawn.’

I looked ahead, and kept my voice steady, As I said, ‘I’ll prove you wrong, Nothing will break me, Until I reach my destiny, I’ll go on –

Neither the darkness, the rain, Nor the wind chilling me to my bones, I can beat all these odds, To reach the place for which I long.’

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