Her Heartless Soul
Her Heartless Soul she stories

angrygirl87 Community member
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She maybe heartless but soulless she is not

Her Heartless Soul

She maybe heartless but soulless she is not,

She remembers all the things that you forgot.

You told her to change instead of leaving her be,

She had taken years to accept herself, you see.

No, she didn't go back to the square one,

It's even worse, thanks to the damage you've done.

There was a girl who never smiled much,

Now she cries at the wind's slightest touch.

But that's not all, there is more,

A story behind her heartless soul.

So, now you are curious to know about her,

Only if you had paid attention a little earlier.

I can tell if you're ready to know the whole truth,

Your impatience is what caused her heart's death.

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