Beyond Anger
Beyond Anger hope stories

angrygirl87 Community member
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Beyond anger and beyond sorrow, there is hope for another tomorrow...

Beyond Anger

The anger washed away her fear and sorrow, She has begun to hope for a beautiful tomorrow.

Like a pretty lotus that blooms in murky waters, Despite hardships she promised herself no more tears.

Like a rainbow after the rain has stopped, She is content with the turn her life has taken.

After a stormy night the cloud have dispersed, She has let go of the saddness first.

And now that rain has ceased and clouds are gone, Haters no longer have the power to make her frown.

And the anger isn't there and her despair has vanished, Things have become clearer and no memory tarnished.

The destiny is revealed and a full picture it showed, All that she wasn't able to see is now exposed.

Behold! She has come alive, there is happiness beyond anger, Looking in the mirror she no longer see a stranger.

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