A Thousand Wishes
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angrygirl87 Community member
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Sometimes I wish I were a bird...

A Thousand Wishes

Sometimes I wish I were a bird, Flying towards the horizon, away from the world.

Sometimes I wish I were a fish, Swimming happily without another wish.

Sometimes I wish I were a fairy, Using magic regardless of scientific theory.

Sometimes I wish I were a kite, Oh, but that wouldn't have been right!

Sometimes I wish no one ever fight, And the world becomes a wonderful sight.

But these are all wishes which can never come true, Still, humans wish and I am human, just like you.

Why do we wish like this? What is it in our lives that we miss?

We are humans, we are not weak, We can think, we have wisdom, and there is more we may seek

We see the consequences of our actions, Yet we chose to fight all the time... ... at tiniest slight

What is not and what is well? Is this heaven or is this hell?

We know what is wrong and what is right, So, why is it that we fight?

Why are we never satisfied?

Because the things which are still missing, are love and faith, I wish every heart was full of them.

Only that can make us great, And at last, the world would be in a better state.

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