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angrygirl87 Community member
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There is a part of me, That wants to be,

A Part of Me

There is a part of me,

That wants to be,

Someone worth loving.

There is a part of me,

That wants to see,

My soul's darkest corners.

But there is also,

That part which is scared,

Of finding what's there.

Maybe not knowing is better,

Perhaps that is only fair.

What I don't know,

What my soul don't show,

Those parts should stay hidden,

No one must enter there unbidden.

I have that part within myself,

The one that makes me,

Felt unworthy of love and more,

But without it, I'm not whole.

It might not be easy,

In the end, to be truly happy,

I must learn to accept it.

There will always be a part of me,

That will never let me free.

It is okay, I am fine,

All of my parts combine,

Make me who I really am,

And tells the world that I'm not a sham.

That's the only possible way,

For my soul to forever stay,

Happy, cheerful, and gay.

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