where poetry hides
where poetry hides stories

angelsarisenmy best friends saved me
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another sad poem (kinda), sorry to anyone who was expecting a happy one I'm trying. this is one of something i wished had happened but of coures it didnt. sadly.

where poetry hides

by anglesarisen

Poetry hides in secrets

Many people try to find.

Poetry hides in A broken heart

waiting to be fixed.

Poetry hides in The night sky ,

The moon glazing down at us, As I lay next to you.

Poetry hides in the stars that are smiling

That we all one day will become.

Poetry hides in A one-sided love

Waiting to be two.

Poetry hides in,

A dark attic waiting to be lit.

Poetry hides in

A empty house Wanting to be full.


A magical forest we all Wish to run away to.

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