just because
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angelsarisenmy best friends saved me
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a poem to make people - hopefully-stop assuming things are okay especially when they aren't . this poem is for anyone who feels spaced in because of their parents like me.

just because

by anglesarisen

Just because I smile Doesn’t mean I'm happy

Just because I laugh Doesn’t mean I don’t want to Cry

just because I seem Happy Doesn’t mean I'm Not dead inside .

Just because I say something Doesn’t mean I automatically feel that way

Just because you think you Know me Doesn't mean I Don’t hide secrets

Just because I say thank you Doesn’t mean I Don’t hate you ( I actually sometimes do )

Just because I Say I love you Doesn’t mean I do

just because I Have friends Doesn’t mean I'm Not lonely

Just because I say something Doesn’t mean Its true

Just because you Don’t see me cry , Doesn’t me I've Never been Hurt

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