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angelsarisenmy best friends saved me
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this poem is about a trip I took to crotona park with my classmates. Its partly sad, partly happy. It may seem bad, but I swear my next poem will be a little better, and most likely a dark poem so yeah.... Also sorry if you find any mistakes

Crotona park

by anglesarisen

House's stare As we Pass by.

Trees cut Screaming For help.

Huge rocks Everywhere,

How did they Get There?

Nice cars, Too Expensive.

Too much Grass, Itchy.

Rain, we let Our tears Out. Rain, we Dance in It.

Barely flowers Why Have they Gone?

Broken leaves Crunching, Garbage everywhere.

Dirty lake, Pollution Everywhere.

A lonely person Stares And reminds me of me.

A bird Screeches, A heart Reaches.

Chalk drawings So pale, so blue.

Baby swings Bring back Memories.

Squirrels Running Us falling Down.

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