The Steam of a Relationship - In Trouble
The Steam of a Relationship - In Trouble steam stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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The steam of relationship has negativity and disconnection roaming around it.

The Steam of a Relationship - In Trouble

Our connection we used to have

Is in trouble.

The steam between us is gone.

Only our negativity is connected,

Not our love nor affections.

It was time to talk,

And fix our relationship,

Once and for all.

Yet, our words never come out.

There are times, we needed to get

Our mojo back.

We needed to understand each other,

As, we once did.

Yet, we don't always know how.

Always during our lowest times

And our toughest times,

Things seem to get complicated

And confusing between the two of us.

Leaving both of us to wonder

What the other is feeling or thinking.

Often we let our pride get in the way

And we lose the power and sense to

Communicate with each other.

It seems that our steam is completely gone,

It seems that our connection disappeared

All these years.

I wondered what gotten between us

That made us distances further apart.

I thought it was true love when we first met,

But that sensation slowly disappeared.

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