The Reality of My One True Friend
The Reality of My One True Friend poem stories
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angelopao2010 Community member
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What my only friend, who is a true friend, means to me.

The Reality of My One True Friend

There's something wonderful

That gold cannot buy.

It may be happiness,

But, it's a blessing that's rare and

True that's barely in a person, I see around.

But that's the gift of a wonderful friend,

Like the friend I have in you.

It may have been years since I saw you,

I would admit that I miss you.

I have no true friends that are unlike you

Because of that, I'm afraid of making new friends.

Just, seeing the fact that I'm without you and your presense,

I feel empty inside and out.

My happiness and the sense of having a true friend is all gone.

I spent my whole entire time with you and now you are gone.

Now, I have an empty schedule with no one to spend it with.

I just wish you are back here with me,

So I can feel happy again

With the sense of a true friend right beside me.

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