The Forgotten People
The Forgotten People poem stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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This represents how the bullies react to the people they bullied before, the forgotten ones.

The Forgotten People

I am the voice of those afraid to speak,

Those of us society calls weak,

Those you ridicule every day,

The ones who have nothing to say.

We have feelings too, okay?

I am the voice of those alone,

The ones abandoned and on their own,

The ones who hide their pain in their eyes,

Those you never saw cry,

Those of us you just pass by.

Those of us who just tired of life.

I experienced it before

Where you ridiculed me for

Being me and you keep doing

It, even if you saw my pain.

Even, I become stronger and

Change who I am and not my mind,

Your antics still pass through.

I'm tired of this and it's time for

Me to speak out for other people

That you caused pain to.

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