The Damage Left Inside of Me
The Damage Left Inside of Me reality stories

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Bullying is the topic that left people empty.

The Damage Left Inside of Me

When I was a kid at age 5, I thought the world was a dream.

Nothing could damage me or everything around me, it was paradise.

Well, that wasn't reality.

One day, I experienced something that would continue for years.

I was bullied, I was a victim of verbal bullying.

You might think that is minor, but it left a lot of damage inside of me.

6 years of trauma, I have to endured through.

Kindergarten to sixth grade, all of the experiences was kept inside of me.

I was tired of the treatment I had to endured.

Kindergarten to fourth grade, I was bullied for my intelligence.

So, I decided to change.

By age 10 to 11, I was smarter, getting A's and B's.

But, the bullying never stopped. It would never.

By age 11 and in sixth grade, it got worse, something inside of me stirred up.

I was nothing, no one liked me. Everything I do to change, people still find a way to weaken me.

The damage left inside of me was alot, and it still is inside of me to this very day. Everything was broken.

My self-esteem faded off, and so was my passion for happiness.

So, you see the damage left inside of me was because of what happened to me, years ago.

Bullying is what caused this inside of me, and left my body soulless to what it is today.

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