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angelopao2010 Community member
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I never said goodbye to my best friend Jiya in sixth grade, but this is how I felt after a year, she left. A goodbye that I wished I could say to my friend to this day.


The hardest part of any friendship

Is when it is time to say goodbye.

In my case, that's what I had to be faced with.

Even though I wished I could make you stay,

And have the guts to even say goodbye to my best friend

I know I have to let you spread your wings and fly.

For life is a journey that needs to be traveled,

and I am certain you'll make it through.

I just want you to know and never forget

that I will surely miss you.

For me, I'll follow my heart

And never give up, as dreams

And wishes do come true.

I know that someday we'll meet again,

So never forget, I will be praying for you.

Even though, you are still in this state,

And I don't know where specifically you are,

I'll keep on dreaming and still miss you, every single day of my life.

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