Dear Bullies,
Dear Bullies, bullying stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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Bullying hurts and for me, it's worse.

Dear Bullies,

Bullying hurts, don't you see?

The dread in my eyes rising every second.

You are nothing, but a big bully to me

Don't you think of what could have been?

What if I thought of committing suicide?

Or just putting a blade to my skin?

What if I wrote a note to say goodbye that very day?

And my family and friends will be left wondering..why?

What if at night, I'll cry myself to sleep?

Which, might be true but cruel.

Everyday, you weaken me and who I am.

By morning, it's too hard to even get up on my feet

I even hesitated to come to school because of bullies like you.

When I try to tell an adult, my plead for help is always overruled.

Soon I can't take it anymore

I always think, "What do I have to live for?"

Nothing, I guess?!

Finally, all of my secrets start to spill,

It's a burden.

All I ever wanted was a true friend

And for people to hear the words, "I'm sorry, I won't do it again!"

You, bullies did this to me.

You did it all for fun

You didn't know what could've been done, that's the worse part.

Did you know you pushed me a bit too far?

All your actions have caused one big scar to my heart

Haven't you seen what you put me through?

You think I'm weak, but I'm stronger than you know.

All I wanted to do is forget what you have done.

But, that's not a option for me.

What I can only think was, "how much worse can it get?"

Don't you know, you're my biggest fear?

I scream so loud, but no one can hear my plead.

What if it was you who got hurt everyday, not me?

Tell me how many words you would have left to say, then!

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