A Best Friend to A Dirty Dragon
A Best Friend to A Dirty Dragon poem stories

angelopao2010 Community member
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You read my stories and some of them was about a friend of mine in kindergarten to third grade that betrayed me but she didn’t only did that, she gave up her role as a ‘friend’. Enjoy the poem.

A Best Friend to A Dirty Dragon

She's a dragon.

She fought me with her breath,

She engulfs me in her flames.

I'm now the target of her blames.

Ever since she betrayed me,

Her words,

They burn on my skin,

So hot that I'll sweat,

Leaving an impression that I'll never forget.

Her teeth, so sharp that

It tears through my heart.

I'm caught in her snare,

But all she does is sit and stare.

She's not my friend, not anymore

And she's quick to remind me,

That I'm a pest to her,

Before she kills who I once were.

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