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angelohinesagan I write first person poetry
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Where did they go?

The Yard

Looking at this made me think. Something so beautiful

That was once full of life

Kids running around of all ages

Having fun and playing with pretend guns

Now have all grown up

Have "moved on"

Now the yards empty

To be reclaimed by the wild

But what really saddened me was the kids

Who was once small now are grown up

No longer interested in the swing

No longer interested in playing outside

Busy with the day to day life

The friends they had in the yard

The good memories

That's all they are now..memories

It's not bad to grow up

But the friendships once forged here will last a long time

But like the yard, it will empty

It will break and shatter like the fallen tree

But we can always visit the yard in our minds

To a time when it was simple

A time when we were having bonfires

As we grow we grow apart

We leave the yard

We leave friends behind

I wish we can keep them, the yard and the friends

The wind will blow and the tree will fall

And you can't save them all

I would say give me friends but they don't want that.

So I'll take the memories

I'll stand in the yard

Waiting on their return

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