The Adrenaline Room
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angeljo I Bleed Poetry
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Ever wondered about supernatural beings? I do too.

The Adrenaline Room

I dread myself for having these thoughts

And I know I must cease the ifs, ands or buts

Yet they flood my head like swarming bees

Stinging my mind with poisonous things.

For what used to be a great source of joy

Has now become the bane which I must destroy

Love has turned into burning indifference

Friendship now lost in its own non-existence

A great hatred sprung which cannot be tamed

Perhaps from the time I felt betrayed.

Never again shall my knees touch the floor

In the false hope of gaining something more

Filled with the delusion that his joy is to cherish

But truthfully he wants only for us to perish

In the lies and mistrust he inflicts upon us,

It matters not, for soon we shall all fade to dust

Henceforth, I am the master of my fate

Gatherings of praise I shall no longer anticipate

I am the captain of my soul

The very one which has now become a BlackHole.

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