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angeljoI Bleed Poetry
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Ever ran away when everything was going perfectly fine?, I always do it too.
Inspiration for the Poem-Sorry By Halsey


What's the theory that evolved¿

They said walk further, towards love'

We all created that line,

So why doesn't it agree with mine .

Mine says why walk further if you can't be sure

That happiness lies furthermore,

Cause I run away when things are good,

With the same line, Not in the mood.

Leaving different scars, on the people I hurt

And still yet I cannot be taught,

To be like this girl or the next

Constantly fighting the urge to text.

While I complain when I see your call twice a day

I don't even know how to really say,

That I am the empty girl on the road,

With nothing but the love of God.

I guess that should fill the void,

At least that's what my father says,

I know he's wrong but still I pray.

I know soon they'd realize,

Infront of them all, Before their eyes,

I'd fade away the same way I came.

With children bearing only my name.

Because I couldn't say 'Yes I Love'

I couldn't have the feelings, so I drove.

Moving even further from everything real,

All in an attempt to ensure I don't feel.

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