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A small story of a girl changing from a cruel girl to a good one, with the help of mother... Please like and comment.


Once upon a time there lived a small girl named Tina. She was very cruel towards everyone. This behavior developed within her when her mother left her.

Once while she was walking through a park, she saw a child playing with her mother. She felt very sad for herself. Tina went near a fountain and sat.

There she saw a hen which suddenly started speaking. It said, ' Oh my dear daughter, I am your mother. I am reborn as a hen.

If you want me to come back as a human then you need to be the most polite girl.' And saying this, the hen ran away.

These words acted as a magic for her. Just in a week, she changed herself to be the most polite and kind as well as intelligent girl. Everyone admired and praised her.

Once she was sitting on the sofa and reading a book. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. When she opened the door, she could not believe her eyes. She stood there and kept staring.

It was her mother! She hugged her mother hard and started crying!

Later at night, she asked her mother that where had she gone?

On this question, her mother replied, "I went to my mother's house, when I came back I heard from people that since I had left you,

you became a very cruel girl and so I made a plan to teach you a lesson. The hen was actually a remote control device which I had brought for you. See I still have it.

" She showed Tina the hen and Tina understood everything...

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