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angelina_story Om Namah Shivay A 13 year old writing...
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Strange novel written by me. A boy who gets a kind of disease which he wants to get rid of...


I went downstairs for my breakfast. I asked my mom what was in the breakfast. Oh no! It was again that boring bread & tea with some jam.

I went back again to my room and sitting on the chair thought what a fun it would be if we had burger with chili sauce for the breakfast.

Suddenly, I heard my mom's call, "Are you coming for the breakfast today? I made burgers for everyone." I jumped with joy, "Coming Mum!" I ran downstairs.

After my breakfast, I went, sat on the sofa and switched the television, boring serials and no movie! I thought that it would be so good if Avengers show would come on the television.

And then to my surprise, the show of Avengers infinity war started. I started watching the show. After I was done with the show, I had nothing to do except the school homework.

I sat on my table, took out the book, took out my pen and started thinking what if the pen on its own could complete the homework.

As I opened my book, my mom called for me and I ran downstairs leaving my book open with pen kept on it. Ah... She just had to ask what was I doing.

"Oh mom! I thought you had something important to! I was just going to start my homework" Saying this I went back to complete my homework.

I was shaken up! My homework was all done! But how could that be? I didn't even start. There was something wrong and suspicious. From morning whatever I wished for came true! How can that be.

I again made a wish. I made a wish that it should start raining. I knew it can't, as according to the weather report today is a very bright sunny day.

But what I saw clouds covering the sky and slowly it started raining. I leaned back on my bed. What was happening today! Whatever I said, it came true.

I took a deep breath and took this thing in a positive way. "Today we are going to get a lottery." As I said the telephone bell rang. I went picked up the phone and said "Hello! John speaking.

" A lady said, "Hello John! I wanted to talk to your father, Mr. James Adam.

Is he available right now?" "Yes, Just a minute please!" I ran to my father's room and told him that there's a phone call for him. My dad went and picked up the call.

"Hello! James Adam speaking." "Hi Sir, this is Rose from the Win Lottery Company speaking. I am here to congratulate you for winning 1 million dollars in the lottery ticket you bought.

We have transferred the whole payment in your account." My dad was speechless. "Thank you so much mam." It was not so surprising for me as I knew this would happen as I made the wish.

But I still had a confusion that how is this happening? I went out for a walk. It was a pleasant evening with a cool breeze blowing. Ah! My shoe laces were untied.

I sat on a bench and looked down. I tied them neatly and as I looked up to continue the walk. "Ahh" I shouted. There was a young man standing just in front of me staring my shoes.

He said "Something is wrong with you." Saying this he went in the same direction, on which I was moving.

I was confused, how did he know this! I thought maybe because he read my face which is full of confusion. But then I thought that if this would be then my mom and dad would also notice it.

I ran back of him. He was sitting on a bench in a park. I went and sat beside him taking a deep breath. He took out a chewing-gum from his pocket and started chewing it.

"How do you know that something is wrong with me?" I asked him. He continued, "I was watching you from a long time while you were walking. You had no focus on whatever was going around you.

I said you two times that your shoe laces are untied. But you didn't respond at all. From this I remembered my friend who died two years ago.

But I am sure your problem is not at all related to him. Maybe your mom or dad scolded you for something." "No one has scolded me. And my problem is different from everything.

But what was the problem to your friend?" "Ok I'll say you but you don't say to anyone. He was my best friend and we knew everything about each other. We never hid anything from each other.

One day, when he woke up in the morning whatever he spoke came true."

I stopped him in between, "I also have the same problem. From morning whatever I am saying is coming true. Do you know the reason for this?" "He died due to this.

And I could do nothing to save him." "But how did he die? Am I also going to die? I don't want to die so fast! Please save me. Please." "I can do nothing to save you but you can save yourself.

My friend used to get angry at very small things. One day when his mom scolded him for something and in anger, he said her "Mom! You keep scolding me always. I feel like dying.

" Saying this he remembered what he did, ran out of the house and came to me. And told me everything that happened I the house. He said, "I am going to die. Please save me. I don't want to die.

" These were his last words and he took his last breath in front of me." "Okay, so I just have to not speak anything negative? Then I will say everything positive. It's better for me.

Isn't it?" I got a bit excited that whatever I'll say that will come true. "Umm... yeah you can say this but what if something negative came out of your mouth? You can then do nothing!" "Hmm...

But I will not do anything like that." Saying this I ran towards my home. I was just about to open the door when I heard someone laughing behind the tree. "Who's there?" There was no reply.

I again repeated. The laughter stopped. I decided to go there and look. But then I heard my mom calling, "John, what are you doing outside? The weather's not good today. Come in fast.

" "Coming mom. I am not a small baby now." I didn't pay much attention to the laughter and went in. I had a delicious dinner after which I went in the washroom to change my clothes.

I looked in the mirror at myself. My hairs had grown too much. And my height also increased. In fact, I looked like a 20 years boy but now I was only of 14.

I went to my mom, "Mom, my hairs have grown so big, see my height, I am looking like a 20 years guy. How can that be? I am only of 14.

" "What are you saying John? You are of 14? You are 20 years old! What happened to you?" I had no answer. I went and saw the calendar.

It was year 2018! How can we jump directly from 2012 to 2018? I went and saw the mobile's calendar.

It was 2018! I then remembered the words I said while my mom asked me to come inside the house. Now I got scared about what the words I'll say can come true.

Now I really wanted to know the reason behind this. I couldn't sleep that whole night. The next morning, I went to the city library where almost all the books are available.

I went to the mysterious books corner where no one liked to take book from. I took out a 500 pages book covered with dust.

I sat in the corner of the library and then dusted the book with my hanky. I opened the book and started reading. The book was written by 'Fatima Rose' who died nearly 20 years ago.

Her books were rarely liked by anyone. Some people believed that she could know the disease that are going to come in future. So, I searched about my problem.

Got it! A rare disease, 'Wordy truth'. The book said- 'Wordy Truth is a disease that will be found very rare. In this disease, whatever we say comes true.

Some people will be happy with this disease while most will be upset as if you even say something bad, it will come true. Its cure is hidden in its start.

After this line the pages where blank until the next disease topic. So, to know its cure I needed to find its start. I went home thinking about its start.

Maybe it's start could be my breakfast! Yeah, it can be because the first thing that became true was the breakfast. But what breakfast? How will I end this by breakfast? Maybe by staying hungry.

Next morning, I didn't have my breakfast. In the afternoon, I thought to test it, that if this problem had gone or not. It's morning now.

As I said this, my mother came up shouting for breakfast. Still not gone.

Breakfast not it's start! Then what can be? Morning! Its start can be morning! In the morning only it started, not only to me but also to that man's friend.

Now I just needed to know what to do for its end in the morning! What could it be? Nothing in the morning! I need to find another way of it's start.

I was so tensed and confused that my mind wasn't working properly. I needed a sleep. I went to my room and huddled in the blanket. I was feeling sleepy and so slept soon.

Next morning, I woke up and got fresh. I had forgotten about this problem. I had my breakfast, then I studied, watched TV, and so on. While I was going for a walk, I saw my shoes, they were clean

! I everyday visited the park. But I didn't visit yesterday. Then I remembered about Wordy Truth that I was suffering from. As I didn't think of it since morning, I was not so tensed. I went to t

he park, sat alone and started thinking about this only. I thought, what if I speak 'Wordy Truth disease go away from this world'? It can go away! And our speaking comes true is only it's start!

Yeas! And I spoke out, 'Wordy Truth disease go away from this world.' As I spoke this, I heard a voice which said, 'THANK YOU' saying this everything was back normal. I said, 'Mom will now come u

p.' I waited but my mom didn't come up! My mother shouted, 'Get ready for school instead of shouting.' I was back to my age!

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