Everything Happens For Good
Everything Happens For Good fruit stories

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'Whatever happens, happens for good.'
You all might have heard the story of Akbar and Birbal of 'Whatever happens, happens for good.' Here's another story for 'Whatever happens, happens for good.' Based on a fruit who wanted to be spread on the dining table but God has something more good for it..

Everything Happens For Good

Once upon a time, there was a tree on which very sweet fruits grew. Among the fruits, there was a baby fruit named Jacky.

He always saw that from a house nearby, a girl came and plucked the delicious fruits and threw the bad fruits. Jacky waited for himself to grow and see his ranking, good or bad.

After few months, the day came when Jacky was ripened. The girl came and started plucking the fruits.

She plucked Jacky, smelled it and threw it on the ground! What was that!? Did Jacky wait for so long for this insult?

Poor Jacky, lying on the ground, could see his friends from the window, who were beautifully placed on the dinning table. Jacky became very sad.

Slowly, as the day passed, Jacky turned into a small plant. And then after few years, Jacky turned into a huge tree with many delicious fruits.

Now Jacky was very happy that he himself can give people many delicious fruits to eat. And then Jacky understood,

'Whatever happens, happens for good.'

~ Angelina Gupta

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