Your Lullaby
Your Lullaby angst stories

angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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All love isn't meant to be, but the memories will last.

Your Lullaby

That day you sat next to me in that grass field,

This song that played for me, chills me to my very bone.

You looked like a deity, weaving your nimble fingers over the guitar strings.

You were surrounded by halo, and this lullaby you played, is haunting yet peaceful.

One that chills me to my very bone.

This lullaby was you yearning for love, calling out for saving.

I didn't understand it then. I wish I could have.

I listen to your forgotten cries in agony and add my own pain to this piece.

Fate was cruel to us , it kept us apart.

I hear your lullaby after so long, haunting yet peaceful.

I stand in the grass field you once stood in.

I see you and hear your beautiful lullaby.

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