Warmth Of The Sun.
Warmth Of The Sun. romance stories

angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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When your whole world revolves around that one person.

Warmth Of The Sun.

A thousand years ago, we might have met in a past life.

Our hearts gave off the same aura we knew each other and we didn't.

The palm of my hand fit perfectly in yours we were made for each other.

There is a whole universe in those eyes of yours

and by fate, they collided with mine to make heaven for us.

You are my universe. my sun , my moon and all my stars.

Color fills my vision when you're close,

suddenly the dull yellow seems like a ray of sunshine.

Washing away my rain , to bring a myriad of colors.

You are my rainbow.

You are the sun, a constant need.

when you leave at sunset you look ethereal.

A real beauty. I am saddened by your departure.

But I am reassured that you will come back tomorrow.

and light up our universe.

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