Never Change
Never Change sad stories
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angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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How many days has it been since I felt like getting up?

Never Change

Too many nights spent awake, listening for any signs of relief my heart starts to ache when I feel it was only brief.

The curtains are shimmering with the coming of sunlight and the nostalgia it brings, and oh the world is so bright.

My head pounds with the endeavors of my night I drink tea to try and erase my existence but it makes me experience my horrors overnight and I feel my minds growing distance.

Exhaustion engulfs me and makes me hard to reach there is no guarantee that I'll be giving you any speech.

I do not mean to ignore you I'm in my minds own prison please leave me blue this is my own decision.

And so it starts like the whirring of an engine and the beating of my heart quickens to the stillness of one.

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