letting go.
letting go. regret stories

angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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Like a bomb I am ticking

letting go.

Like a bomb

I am ticking

until I explode

my times running up

there may be a few seconds left.

I regret not doing all the things I wanted to

in case I regretted it.

here I am regretting it all the same.

to all the things I couldn't do,

I am sorry.

the fatal blow of harsh words are the last straw.

my feet give out.

and I explode.

in all of my infinite being

I explode into tiny little pieces

I am here

I am there

I am everywhere

ah but I am lighter

the world seems light

and as I fall down gently on the ground

the ground , it embraces me

and soothes me

as if it were preparing me for trying again

as if it were to say

don't give up

so I don't.

as light as a feather

I leave all my past regrets in life

and move forward

the bomb is me is mere ash now

I am new.

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