Childhood Dream
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angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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The favoritism of realism kills art.

Childhood Dream

The hope of holding on , how long does it go on for?

The curiosity in a new subject, how long before it fades away?

What does it take to become great? Why do I have to please society?

I will please myself.

What happened to the world that saw everything in color?

People want construct and order , they lost their childhood innocence.

Think of the child that wanted to be a pirate ruling the seas,

he's stuck in a cubicle filing data.

The girl who wanted to fly was disappointed with the chains of society .

The favoritism of realism kills art.

Art and imagination have no value for survival. but its what makes surviving valuable.

Children of the world! lets bring back the color

that the adults dimmed. but do not get angry with them.

They are just children with expectations forced to grow up.

They too hope

Children of the world! let us hold on to that hope for them.

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