A Familiar Stranger
A Familiar Stranger angst stories

angelicsoul Anxiety prone but trying
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What do you do when you cant recognize yourself?

A Familiar Stranger

Eyes black, sunk and empty.

Those same eyes which were filled with hope, has now seen the world for what is truly is.

A rotten playground with bullies.

The depth of the liquid so deep, pupils submerged in obsidian darkness.

Drowning with black ink. These are the eyes of the girl in the mirror.

I used to know her. She was my right hand friend,

Whose eyes are those? I don't recognize her

When did you eyes harden? When did the life go out of them?

Was it when you no longer had a goal, or was it when people told you had to do certain things to be happy?

Are your burdens taking a toll on you?

Is your spirit raging with anger of the injustice of the world

or do you not care anymore?

The girl in the mirror, please come back to those happy days.

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