My Sun -R.N
My Sun -R.N  time stories

angelicrose Los Angeles Based/ Confessional Poetry<3
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Time cares not for love...

My Sun -R.N

Sunlight fills the room with a radiating glow, I groan in discontent. Not an unusual act on my behalf.

Without hesitation I turn to embrace you; you rise in my arms. I smile.

I succumb to the sun, to your warmth, and to the quiet stillness of the white walls that surround us.

I realize for the first time that I don't want to leave. That act of discontent is my body and mind responding to leaving your side. I lay still at the realization.

I plead for another minute, another hour? But time is greedy, and it devours every second like if it has never had a meal.

You rise, but I almost wish you wouldn't. I'm afraid time will take my sun.

If only I could hold back time for you my sun.

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