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Get ready for a boring but interesting chapter, thank you


Yeah, He's Min Yoongi, The savage guy from his group of friends. They were called Bangtan Sonyeondan at the time, I don't know if they're still together..

The seven of them always play their original music after flag ceremony every Monday, but they stopped when it was the last year of high school, when it's time to graduate.

I never got to know their faces except for Yoongi, but I heard their voices, but not their names.

I still have Yoongi's phone number, I got them when we were on a group project, great excuse for getting his number though ahahha.

I text him once, after the graduation, "Hey can you come with me to the masquerade ball on Friday? I don't have anyone to come with me" and... there's no reply.

Great right? So after that, I had no escort with me, but I still need to go, eomma already bought the clothes and I don't want to get it to waste. And guess what I did next..

I went to the ball without someone with me.

I felt lonely, as I entered the room, there were many lights flashing from the front up to here; There was also booming music, guess the slow music hasn't started yet.

Everyone was wearing masks so I can't suspect that it was one of my friends.

Still seating here, I was getting bored, so I just stand up and went to a balcony, luckily, there weren't any people making out or anything. I saw the moon shining bright tonight.

I was closing my eyes and just feel the breeze hit me on my face. But then it was ruined when someone tap on my shoulder.

I turn around and I saw a mysterious mask guy, taller than me, I think looking at me. "You're alone?" He asked me and went to stand beside me and look straight at the moon.

"Yeah" I averted his gaze and just lazily answered his question. "Me too" He simply replied back. Then he looked at me.

"What? Why? Why don't you have a muse to this party?" I asked him pointing at the inside.

"Maybe because I was waiting for someone that I thought she wouldn't come" He replied to me putting his hands on his pockets.

"Well, I guess we're the same then, I was asking this boy but he never replied, so now, I'm just here"

'So it's her' The boy thought to himself and a smile crept on his face suddenly. "Why?" Although he was happy that this is her, he just asked in a cold tone.

"I don't know, maybe he's not that kind of person to go to parties, I mean, he's smart, and talented,

so maybe he was having a lot of pressure to get back to his studying because of his early career as a singer" I said while looking around,

I wouldn't dare to look at his face since it was covered and because I was hella shy.

'Did she just said that? I'm smart and talented, tsk, this really is something' He thought to myself as he smirk.

"Is that person a handsome one? Because if that's a yes, then I'd be hurt" He made a gesture-like he was struck in the heart.

"NO silly! Ofcourse you're handsome, but something about him just really made me you know...

have butterflies in my stomach, even though we never really talk that much" I said making gestures that made me really stupid for some reason.

"Hahahah, okay fine you win, maybe you can be my muse for tonight, hm?" He asked holding out his hand. "What's your answer?"

"Well, that won't hurt, wouldn't it right?" I chuckled at his actions and eventually accept his offering and after that we were inside.

We talked for some time, well, except for our names since he said that we don't need to say that because we already know each other, what does that even mean?

"All students, please find a partner, because, we will take this music a little bit sslloowwwww.." The dj said and the slow music starts.


A THOUSAND YEARS by Christina Perri

PERFECT Ed Sheeran

TIME AND FALLEN LEAVES 시간과 낙엽 by Akdong Musician

THERE I'm really bad at picking songs by genre, so please just find something romantic. like OSTs

I put my right hand on his shoulder and left hand on his hand and we intertwined, then his left hand was on my waist. Then there it is the slow music being played throughout the whole room.

I was looking at his eyes, it was familiar, but I'm sure if it was one of my friends, or him.

"You're great at dancing" He started the conversation. "I only knew this dance because my mother wants me to go to a ballroom session" He chuckled which I chuckled too.

"But hey, that ballroom session really practiced you a lot, look you're not even stepping on me" I suddenly look at the bottom, even though my dress is blocking we're still dancing.

Then I just look at him again.

It was fun, the ballroom dance has ended and we seated back to our original seats and eventually, this is almost the end of the party.

"Ladies and Gentleman, you're now going to college, I hope you all do well and get a lot of new knowledge from this school, I hope you all will get a stable job and someday,

you will be successful in life. Thank you for choosing our school, stayed with us, and had good and bad memories leaving here.

" The principal spoke his speech and after that, we all clap our hands and most of them are now standing up, ready to go home.

I also want to go home now, I stand up and turned around to bid goodbye for the guy, but, he was not in hi seat anymore 'How come I didn't saw him getting up?

' I thought to myself but then focused to th'e paper in the table. I read the note.

'Don't read this until you are now in your room, in your house' I raised an eyebrow,

but I just obeyed as what the letter had said so I hurriedly went home and saw eomma and appa sitting on the sofa, watching television.

"Annyeonghaseyo eomma, appa" I bowed to them they greeted me back.

"Hi sweetie, how was the party?" Appa asked "Sorry we couldn't fetch you, there was no one to take care of your brothers and me" Appa had sprained his ankle so eomma took care of him.

"AHH It's okay appa, I don't really mind" I just made my way upstairs and to my bedroom. I shut the door closed and firstly took off my dress and into my pajamas.

I was seated in my bed and grab my bag and there it was, the letter.

And here's what it says:

Hello Y/N, I suppose your wondering who is this from, well, it's from the guy you were with in the ball. And you're wondering why do I know you. Enough of the questions for now, Now, I will just tell what I really feel.

I... really like you, not just because you were my muse this day, but because I've been liking you since I knew that you were gonna be my classmate for the whole high school year. Now that we're gonna graduate and separate our ways, might as well give a formal goodbye, not physical but only through this letter.

I'm sorry if I didn't tell you who I was, but trust me, you knew me really well. Thanks for keeping me company at the ball, I'm really looking forward in the future that we will be meeting each other again soon.

I don't know if I'm gonna pursue my dreams, or I will just continue my studies, but anyways, Kim Y/N, the one that I like ever since high school, please don't forget my feelings for you, because you never know, I will be somewhere around you, maybe. Okay goodbye -Secret Admirer

I took it all in to progress what I just read. This is absolutely shocking that I have a secret admirer, I mean look at me, I'm not even beautiful or pretty or any of that, all I know is that, I'm nice, that's it.

I kept the letter in my drawer and thought of who was that guy. hmm... let's see

"It isn't Joshua since he already has a girlfriend, maybe Jinyoung? No, he's much older than me, hmm,.. maybe it's Rowoon, not really, he doesn't like girls that is taller than him" I kept guessing who is this mysterious guy that was my 'escort' in the ball.

I just shrug it off for now, and sleep off to dreamland.

THAT'S THE END OF PART 2 Did you like it? It was just the flashback of Y/N and Yoongi's past in High School before graduating. Lame right? Maybe? Stay tuned for more Peace yow! Follow me

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