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The Official Time of the First Day of School.


It was Monday morning and you perked up from your bed because you were excited about actually going to college. Not wearing a dress code is your favorite part here.

Once I saw the clock that it was almost 7 o' clock, I woke up my roomie, her schedule for today is 8 o' clock. "Hey Rose unnie wake up, you have one hour left to go to your class" I said to her as I shake her lightly on her shoulder.

She moved a little and her eyes slowly open and said "Good morning donsaeng" She said as she smiled and rubbing her eyes. "You should go shower now, I'll just shower later after you, I've got to prepare clothes anyways."

"Okay unnie" I simply answered and grabbed my things and entered the bathroom.

I finished showering and cover myself with a towel and went outside the bathroom.

I saw unnie went back to her sleeping so I air laugh and went to her to wake her up again. "Yah unnie, I'm finished, it's your turn"

"Already? Alright" She replied and she stand up from the bed and grabbed her things to go to the bathroom. "By the way, you're way faster to shower than me though hahaha" She laughed at the end then went inside the bathroom.

I check on the my side of the closet and I wore the ones that I got earlier.

Since there is still a rule to not wear something so short, I'll wear these instead, a simple black ripped jeans, some sneakers, a denim jacket and a plain white t-shirt.

I grabbed my bag and headed my way to the cafeteria.

Unnie said that if you're early than the bell, you can go to the cafeteria and order something what they had this morning for free.

"Good morning ahjussi" I said smiling at the ahjussi that is pouring some coffee over a cup. "Good morning, sweetie, you're up early, are you new here?" She suddenly asked but in a soft tone.

"Yes, I'm new here. umm.. Rose unnie said you give free food in the morning, is that true?" I asked looking at her then she looked at me then smiled. "Yes, we do, what are your orders, you can look above and order, but only the ones that are flashing."

"I'll just have some 2 pancakes with syrup and some hot chocolate." I said to her. "Okay coming right up, you can just wait to the tables nearby okay?" I obeyed her sayings and I waited for my order.

Just then seven other people came to the cafeteria and one of them is Jungkook. 'Great, now it's not quiet anymore' I thought to myself and hid myself so he couldn't recognize me.

"Hey isn't that the Y/N girl?" A boy whispered to the other boy pointing at you. Obviously trying to hide yourself.

"Yeah hyung, that's her, so what?" The other boy just rolled his eyes away from the other boy.

"Yah, Jungkook I'm your hyung, you should be respecting me" The boy smacked Jungkook at the back of his head. Then when they were mocking each other, you heard some familiar voices. 'Isn't that one of Yoongi's friends?' I thought to myself in questionable matter.

The boys were about to order but then the ahjussi screamed something, something that you hope she didn't even said that.

"Sweetie, your breakfast is ready!" It wasn't loud nor quiet, it was just right to caught your attention.

You stood up and walk to the counter and you saw the boys looking at you, now your feeling uncomfortable.

You grabbed the tray and bowed to the ahjussi "Kamsahamnida ahjussi" You smiled at her and she smiled back. "Eat well" She added "I will" You replied back

However, the boys that was literally scanning you from head to toe thought deeply as to what he had seen this familiar figure before. 'Could it be?' He thought to himself.

You put the tray onto the table and started to the whole thing. You still have 30 minutes to spare to finish your meal. It was nice, but then those seven boys just had to ruin it for you.

"Hello Y/N~ssi! Nice to see you again!" He screamed gaining glares from the ahjussi on the counter. "Umm.. A-Annyeonghaseyo" You quickly stand up and bowed down to them.

"YAh Taehyung stop that, you're scaring her" A boy said smacking the younger one's head. And there it is again, the familiar voice that you also heard before, but now, it was deeper than usual.

All of them went to sit with you, and two boys were actually sitting beside you, Jungkook and Taehyung, the only ones you know for now.

"Do you know any of us other than these two miss Y/N?" A boy asked you making you look at him 'She/He looks familiar' They both thought at the same time when they look at each other

"Have we met before?" You and The boy both said in unison and you both covered your mouths and widened your eyes. I was the first to talk "Are you perhaps Jung Hoshook?" oh shit.

He narrowed his eyebrows and the others just laugh. "GReaT now I have a new nickname" He rolled his eyes but then just laugh right after. "It's pronounce Jung Hoseok thank you very much, and yes that's me."

"And are you Kim Y/N? The smart girl from Daegu High School?" He smiled as he questioned you. "Uhh.. what a weird title, but yeah, that's me" You chuckled.

"OH Yoongi is that your---" Hoseok was cut off by a pale face boy with light blue hair. "Oh sorry hyung.." He added

"Yoongi?" You look at him and he looked back. That face really brings back memories of you and him making fun of each other. Although you want to run away because he's so close, you just act cool and replied "Is that really you?"

And ofcourse for Yoongi, he did the same, even though he is also fluttered that the girl he likes is right in front of him. "Yeah it's me, the savage boy of group" He made a gesture that is like a swaeg something

"Are you allowed to even color your hair like that?" I pointed at the hair of Yoongi, that I wanted to touch after for so long.

"Well, yeah, apparently, if you didn't notice, I wear orange and that was really a legal rule since the start of the era, my era"

"I did noticed it, I just don't know you a second ago, so I didn't compliment your orange hair that much, but either way, your hair looks cool." You pointed your fork towards his hair and smiled at you showing his dimples.

But on the other side, Yoongi was feeling a bit frustrated that you just compliment Namjoon's looks and not his. But he also remembered that, you didn't know that the letter that you read from the ball was actually from him so he just kept silent.

"Hey, It's almost time to ring the bell, we better hurry up and catch up" You seriously recognized that voice. "Your voice got deeper Seokjin" I replied to him as I just finished eating and packed my things.

"You know me?" He asked and looked at me. "Yeah, apparently, your voice is what I hear everyday when your passing by me and obviously ignoring me when we were in high school." I said to him and stand up and left them, but before that.

"And by the way, good morning guys, bye" You wave at them and hurriedly went outside the cafeteria and go to your first class.

"OhhhhhHHhH She's the girl that always pass by us every morning right? Gosh, she got taller than I thought." Seokjin shook his head and start to eat his bread.

"Got to be honest, she's pretty" Taehyung said holding onto his bag while he waits for his hyungs.

"Yeah, and she wasn't awfully quiet like she used to." Namjoon said munchin on the food.

Annndd there it is, the silently jealous Yoongi is on the scene, and somehow, his dongsaengs actually noticed it.

"Hyung, what's with the face?" Jungkook asked his slightly annoyed-face hyung. Apparently, Jin as the oldest of them all, he already knows why.

"Come on guys, let's just go to our first class, I'll see you guys later" Jin said as he grabbed his bag and went outside of the cafeteria. "US TOO" The maknae line then grabbed their own bags and followed their hyung.

"Yoongi, if you still like her, then just reveal yourself, there will be no progress if you're still gonna be just a secret admirer for long months aka a year" Namjoon stands up then went right after he said that.

"And don't worry hyung, I think she still likes you" He smiled then tap Yoongi's shoulder and went outside.

"It's easy for you to say, you're not the one in my situation right now" Yoongi mumbled to himself and went outside.

You went inside the big room that is supposed to be your classroom. And since all of you inside the room were mostly strangers, the professor let one by one introduce themselves.

Ofcourse you had to be one of them to introduce. "Annyeonghaseyo, Je ireumeun Y/N imnida" I bowed ninety degrees and just went back to my seat. I wasn't the type f person to tell her ENTIRE Story.

The class had finished because of the long introducing yourself thing, so the professor doesn't have enough time to explain something.

The next classes were just something to ignore since it was just the requirements for their class. And the lessons will be discussed will be 10x harder than high school, but don't worry, those are just like specs of dusts that you can just swept away easily.

After 4 long hours of lecturing and introducing, it is finally lunch time! I went outside of my classroom and there were already students roaming around the hallway. Most of them going to the direction of the cafeteria.

Since I was going to the cafeteria, Yoongi had to be in my way of perfectly walking to the cafeteria. "Do you want to go to lunch together?" "What?"

Okay, I wasn't expecting that. I was expecting something like he will just ignore me if I said something or just directly hit me in the face. BUT WHAT DID HE JUST SAID?!

END OF PART 3 Glad you liked it, I think. Since you are still reading this, I'm sure that you have read the first and second part of this story, if not, then go to my profile and read them. It will really give you a better explanation to this part.

Please give time to like and comment something to the story, I will be gladly appreciated if you said something exciting for this writer and likes as well, If you want, I'm not forcing you tho.

Get ready for another boring episode next on Jealousy. And btw, the love story of Yoongi and You is just starting, and lots of flashbacks will be revealed in the next episode. PLEASE STAY TUNED AND BE HEALTHY ALWAYS MKAY BYE *All are not edited so pls bare

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