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Throwback Friday for the whole family!

Jealousy IV

"You want me to go t-to the c-cafeteria with y-you?" With so much stuttering, Yoongi already knows that you still like him. 'I'm glad that you hadn't change your feelings for me' He thought to himself.

"Yes, sooo do you want to go?" He asked one more time, raising an eyebrow that you missed. "Yeah, s-sure" You just put an awkward smile and then laugh a bit as you walked together to the cafeteria.

The cafeteria was oddly crowded, there were already people sitting on their desired seats and talking to each other. Since you and Yoongi are still getting some food, you heard a scream behind you.

"YYYY/NNNN~!!" Jackson, your classmate since elementary school, screamed at the top of his lungs your name and seriously, you could just punch him in the face...

"JACKSON!" Of course the gullible you are, and because you hadn't seen him for years, you just had to hug him out of nowhere because of the happiness. You two were hugging each other and jumping like children that people around were looking at you.

You two broke the hug and then talked "Jackson, you're so tall now" I said while looking up at him. "I know I am and you're still short," He said pointing at me and laughing. I made a pouting gesture and lightly smack him at the shoulder "I am not"

"Well, by the way, who's your friend?" He said pointing at Yoongi. "Oh, this is Yoongi, Yoongi this is Jackson" "Hi man" Jackson put out his hand, but Yoongi didn't accept it so he just left it hanging for a good second before he put his hand back. Awkward.

"Well, Y/N, I'll see you later then, you still have my number right? I didn't change it since I know you will text me time to time" "Yeah, I still have that, and very good, you know me very well" I said to him and we just laughed together

After Jackson had left, Me and Yoongi make our way to the counter and grab our lunches, making our way to the boys' table, we saw them.

"So what's with the sad face Yoongi hyung?" The boy that I had never seen before speaks. "And is this Y/N that you were talking about? How come I never heard of her yet?" He said confused

"It's because of you little idiot, you never even noticed her when we were at the cafeteria this morning, You're just on your phone texting that slut girl from the club we went to last night," He said to that boy munching on his food.

"Was she with us this morning? Aish! I'm sorry Y/N~ssi" He said looking at me. Realizing something. "Wait, did we met before?" "Uhh... Hi to you too" I said to him and flashed a smile. "And maybe no? you are..?" "Jimin, Park Jimin"

"I am 95.5% sure that I have met you before," He said still looking at me. I lowered my head since that is true, but I don't want the other guys to be suspicious of us both.

I was at the club 4 days before college starts. I was with Ashley that time, the time where he and I met.

"Hey cutie, you look great tonight" The boy with the alcoholic breath whispered in my ear. I was really disgusted by that boy so I just ignored his judgment and just went to a nearby couch.

On the way to this club, I only wear this outfit.

Because my good friend said that we will be going to a cafe, but no, she just had to go to this disgusting club.

"Y/N! Why aren't you dancing?!" Ashley shouted as the loud booming music still keeps on turning up. "I'm not in the mood!" I replied shouting because maybe she wouldn't hear me if I said normally.

"Well then okay, I'll come back to you later okay? Just stay there, I'm gonna be over there" She said pointing at some drunk people dancing at the center of the club. "Suit yourself" I mumbled in my breath so that Ashley wouldn't, but even if I didn't do it, she still wouldn't hear me.

I was getting bored and it's almost 12 o' clock since mom and dad and my brothers are still out in the vacation without me, I suppose I can still stay here for a while.

I grab some alcoholic drink from the table not too far away from here, a big gulp I make from that drink and now I'm already drowsy. Not really a fan of alcohol.

Still drinking, I saw from the corner of my eye, a boy, sitting just not far away from me. 'Maybe he didn't felt my presence, maybe he's just drunk or something' I thought to myself still glued to that boy.

The boy than ruffled his hair, maybe in frustration. "FUCKKKK!!" He screamed, making me a bit startled and jump.

"Why must I do that?!" He was shouting so I could hear him. "You had one job Jimin!" 'Jimin?' What kind of name is that? Well, apparently it's his.

Since I am a kind-hearted person and because I have nothing else to do, I scooch over to his side and just wait for him to feel my presence.

He looked up to see me and said "What?" coldly. "Uhmm.. I see your kind of having a problem here.." I trailed off and just continued "Maybe I can help.. maybe"

"kind of? I have a BIG problem here thank you very much" He said and just emphasized the word 'big'

"Well, uhmm.. how can I help then?" I asked him. "Maybe just one.." He trailed off and look straight ahead, I look as well..

"See that girl over there?" He pointed to that girl who was lonely drinking at the counter. "She's my girlfriend, well, ex-girlfriend now, I kind of had a breakdown because she was with another man that I hadn't met before, so it made me jealous then I shouted and left her out there"

'Poor guy' I thought to myself as I still scan the girl. "Don't worry guy, I will take care of it, but.. do you still want her?" I said to him as I raised an eyebrow. "Of course! she's my everything" He said proudly. "Okay, I'll go now, by the way what's your name?"

"Jimin, Park Jimin"

"Nice to meet you Jimin, I hope you will get back to your girlfriend soon" I stand up and walk my way to the counter.

"Hi there," I said as a first move on the girl. And bad luck, I didn't ask him on what's her name. "I'm Y/N and you are...?" "Jisoo" She said coldly whilst drinking her soju.

"Why are you bumped?" I asked her. "Nothing serious but, I broke up with my boyfriend Jimin, he thinks I'm cheating on him, but the truth is, he saw me with my cousin, who happens to have a girlfriend and much older than me and in this club coincidentally"

"He shouted at me when my cousin out of nowhere, and that is when I ended it, sometimes, he's always complaining before looking further at the situation, even at prom after our graduation, I was only going to dance with my classmate since elementary and he just throw him away before I can even say anything"

She started to cry her heart out, even with just a little information about us knowing each other, I can feel that she's drunk. Girls are not the type to express that easily, even in front of a person they don't know, this one is different so I can tell she's drunk.

How can I help? I seriously don't know the answer.

"You know..." I trailed off. I seriously don't know what to say at this moment but... "All the time, boys are just very clingy and protective to the ones they love, especially their girlfriends so expect that they will somehow ruin something for your own good."

"I'm not saying that boys are just protective, but boys are also the ones to really protect in some situations, maybe your boyfriend is one of a kind, the boyfriend that you have, he's the one to really protect you. Look, even though you're in a club, he still looks out for you."

Jisoo looks up to me with teary eyes. "Do you really think he still loves me? I just ended our relationship because of that" I replied to that as "Sure, you can still talk things out, it's not too late you know" I smiled to her and she smiled a little too before standing up.

"Thanks for talking me into it, by the way, what's your name?" "Kim Y/N" "Thank you very much" She hugged me and I hug her back and smelled something 'Alcohol' I am right, she is drunk.

'Her perfume is really fragrant, I wonder what kind of perfume she's using' Jisoo thought to herself when she hugged Y/N. "Good luck Jisoo, maybe we couldn't see each other again so, goodbye!" I smile to her "Thanks and don't worry maybe in the future we will" We smiled at each other and bid our goodbyes.

And that's practically the story on how we met. Jimin and I really aren't close, all of them aren't my close friends, in fact, they are the ones bullying me, but not really.

"I'm really sure we've met before" He rubbing his chin. Thinking further that her face is really familiar to him.

"Oh come on Jimin, just eat, or we'll be late for class," Hoseok said munching on his food.

Everyone was eating happily with their foods. Talking about life and their past with Y/N.

"So wait, how come V hyung and I didn't know Y/N in the past?" Jungkook asked on one of his hyungs.

"Because you're with that 'girlfriend' of yours all the time when we're in high school and never had the chance to meet Y/N," Jin said "And as for Taehyung, they have met each other, they just both couldn't remember."

"HUH? What? Really?" Taehyung and I said in unison. "How come I couldn't remember you?" Taehyung asked pointing the spoon at me. "Yeah me too," I said still munching on my food. Looking at Taehyung then at Seokjin.

"Remember that time when we were at a school field trip and everyone was with a buddy?"

"Yeah?" Namjoon said in a questionable matter. Seemingly interested between the talk.

"Here are the sitting buddies. First, me and Namjoon, Hoseok and Yoongi, Jimin and Jungkook, and lastly, you and Taehyung."

"You two... weren't in fond of that condition, before."

"Why am I here with this idiot again" You simply mumbled something that maybe... he heard.

"YAH! What did you call me?!" He screamed right in front of your ear. You rubbed it "Yah! Why did you have to yell? I was just stating the truth OKAY?" You said to him shouting and emphasizing the 'okay'

"Aish! Why you little‒" He was cut off when there was someone speaking in front with a microphone.

"Okay, everyone has their sitting buddies?" It was the adviser for the field trip, Ms. Joe "Ne~" Everyone said in unison except for the both of you. "Can we change sitting buddies? This sitting buddy is annoying" You said to him while crossing my arms.

Though Taehyung is one of the 'hotties' in this school, She can't see anything that attracts her to like him. "Are you crazy? I will just take your place then, one of the hotties in this school will seat with me." A girl upfront said. "Go ahead," You said to her and was about to stand up when...

"There are no exchanging of seats in this field trip little miss. That seating arrangement is final and please, if you're seatmate if annoying, please just ignore and enjoy just for today." The adviser speaks out of nowhere.

Annndd yeah, You went back to my seat and crossed your arms as people are still looking at you. "What?" Y/N said to the ones who were looking at you. Putting in your earphones and picking out some music from your iPod.

"Why do you hate me so much?" Taehyung said to you "What?" Y/N simply questioned his sudden issue. Removing her earphones. The bus started moving and by minutes you all are out of town on the way to the destination.

"I mean, you are really close to one of my hyungs like Yoongi hyung, why not me?" He asked the girl with curiosity. Y/N didn't answer him, instead, she was lost in thought and Taehyung eventually noticed it so he had to shake you off.

"What?" Is all she can say again. "I said, why do you hate me so much?"

"Because of s‒" She was cut off when something heavy was dropped on top of you both and you both lost conscious.

You both were headed straight to the hospital and had to cancel the field trip.

Many days had past and you both are still lost unconsciously. Though the doctor said that you both weren't in a coma, The fall was so powerful that you both had to be unconscious for so long.

One by one, students come and visit you both, but mostly, it was just Taehyung who gets all the attention. As for you, the ones who visited you are your parents, Ashley, Jackson, and someone from your childhood, Lisa.

"Hi, unnie!" Lisa said as she looks at you. "I brought some fruits that you would like" She smiled at you while showing her the bag of fruits. Flowers were placed at the side of the table near your bed. Bags that contain medicine, clothes in case you gain conscious.

She placed the bag on the table and looks at your form.

"I heard that you were dropped by the railings that were on top of the bus, I am very sorry that you had to go through all of that, you should blame the school like you always do" She chuckled at the last statement.

"But, I know you're strong, you can go through this, you've been in harder situations like this, so you will do it, I believe in you," She said as she was holding your hand and rubbing it gently. "I gotta go now, I still have some groupings to attend to." She said and patted your head.

When she was about to stand up, Taehyung had woken up from his long slumber. "What?" He said rubbing his head. "You were lost in conscious when you were at the school field trip," Lisa said to him, but Taehyung only raised a brow.

"You know, you guys were in a field trip and you and Y/N are arguing about s‒" She was cut off when he suddenly asked, "Who's Y/N?"

After what happened, you then have woken up from your consciousness and rubbed your head when you sit up straight. "What happened?"

"Oh good, you're awake.." Jackson said as you were still examining the surroundings around you.

"Oh sorry, you were in some deep slumber after that tragic accident." He said to her. "Tragic accident?" Y/N asked him.

"You didn't remember? You and Taehyung were in a field trip and you were dropped by a‒" Jackson was cut off. "Who's Taehyung?"

That was a lot to take in, does it? Hopefully, I satisfied your hunger. Let me know who is your bias in BTS, I would love to see. Tune in for more updates! Goodbye~

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