Found a Puppy in The Snow
Found a Puppy in The Snow bts stories
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What kind of puppy?

Found a Puppy in The Snow

It was snowing really hard at night. It's now 7:30 in the evening here in Seoul, and it's December.

While still sitting here on the bus because of the traffic, there was a boy who walks in. The boy had several sweaters on and a small bag. Kinda taller than me, and most of his face was covered by a scarf.

Since the seats were already taken, I had no choice but to give way for the boy to sit with me. He saw me move a bit to the window and he sat down beside me.

While looking at the window I heard small barking sounds but I just shrug it off because maybe it was just outside.

Then the ride was going smoothly now, the snow was really blocking the way for the bus to continue.

After about 15 minutes, I decided to push on the button for the conductor to stop the bus, but it was stopped by the boy who sat beside me. 'Maybe he's also stopping here'

And I was right. When the bus stopped, he stands up and hurriedly walk outside the bus, I came out second.

Finally! Home sweet home. Since I'm all alone here for the rest of the holiday, I decided to make hot coco for myself.

I went to the kitchen and started to make some coco. I got the ingredients and do what I always do, just do it.

But suddenly, there was a banging in the main door I wonder who that can be? I didn't invite guests to my home.

I went to the main door and opened it. 'The guy that sat beside me?' I thought to myself. "A-Annyeonghaseyo," The guy said and bowed 90 degrees.

"No no no you don't have to do that," I said to him and smile awkwardly.

"Why don't you come inside? I have hot cocoa," I said to him and he nodded and I let him get inside and closed the door. I know it was dangerous for a stranger to come in suddenly at your home. but come on, it was snowing, maybe his home was so far away from here.

"What brings you here?" I question him while a handed him hot coco. No response.

I look at him. Wearing all black, black jeans, shirt, hoodie, bag, and a black mask. Sounds like he can rob my house at any time.

There was an oddly quiet atmosphere. Until he spoke up.

"Can I stay here for the night?" That voice was deep. "Uhhh... " I couldn't answer that question though, I kept silent.

Until I heard some barking sounds inside his bag.

"T-That was nothing, it was just my phone ringing" The guy suddenly in defense mode in his bag.

And there it is again, that barking sounds. "It doesn't sound like a phone ringing," I said to him and raised a brow.

"Huh, fine" He said and opened the bag, revealing a puppy. "AWWEEEEEEE" I was mesmerized at the puppy's fur color. and of course its cuteness.

I quickly grabbed the puppy and make noises like a baby.

"How come you put the puppy in the bag?" I ask the guy. "Well, he was cold out in the streets so I had to bring him with me." The guy said.

"So, are you willing to make me stay here for the night? Just for the night, I promise I will get going in the morning tomorrow"

"Okay sure, you can sleep here on the couch, I guess," I said to him started to stand for him to relax a bit. "I'll head to my room for some beddings."

I got some blankets and a pillow for the guy to sleep. Wait, I never ask what's the name of the guy.

"Here's your‒ oh" I slowly said as I saw the guy curled up on the couch, hugging the sleeping puppy. They look so cute together

I went closer to them and cover them with a blanket. Since the couch is a bit wide, they both were cuddling comfortably.

But then a hand suddenly grabbed my wrist and dragged onto the couch as well. Seeing the face of the guy fully, his features were as an angel could described. He had his gorgeous eyes and pouty lips which was cute.

As I was looking at him, the puppy suddenly barks, in between me and the guy. Then the guy suddenly opened his eyes, and we made eye contact. "He's so handsome" I whispered. Which caused me to cover my mouth in the realization that I just actually said that.

The guy giggled which I found attractive for some reason. "Thanks, I guess" We made contact again and this time it was longer.

Then I realized that I don't know the name of this handsome fellow. "What's your name by the way?" I said easing the awkward silence.

"Hoseok. Jung Hoseok" He smiled at me and stared once again. "Your cheeks are red" And yeah I am blushing ladies and gentlemen. I AM BLUSHING.

"U-Uhh sorry, you should sleep" I tried to stand up and let them get their sleep but once again a hand stopped me. "W-what?"

"Can we stay like this? I mean, it's only for one night" "O-Okay. . ." I closed my eyes and slowly drifting into dreamland.

This is crappy but I hope you like it! Thanks for reading~

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