The girl who could see stars.
The girl who could see stars. stories
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I wrote this, thinking about an experience I had so most of this is true. I was laying on top of a truck while it was snowing and I cried and cried because it was the first time I felt at peace. I actually wanted to die because what I was feeling was so strong. So I wrote a poem about it.

Source: Moi I also posted this on poetry soup. My account on there is Himederee.

The girl who could see stars.

by Moi

I never knew of piece until I saw the night sky.

The colors of the universe bathed in Japanese violent and Prussian Blue swirling into a painting so magnificent that Vincent Van Gogh couldn't make one better than this.

The millions of unique snowflakes falling into the earth, covering it with a frozen kiss that would leave you feeling a different kind of love.

It may have been a few minutes of looking up into the sky but it felt like hours, years.

Shaking the very core within me that made me choke on my breath, causing my lungs to desperately need something like I have been all my life.

And never have I looked away.

Afraid that if I did, I would never feel this way again.

And would have to live my days in somber till I am old in bitter.

Never breaking a smile or humming a tune.

Always reminding myself that maybe if I didn't look away, then I could have been granted a wish.

A wish to live with the stars, sleep by the moon and weep with the angels.

Instead of being an old tale among the children, but to have my gravestone engraved with," The girl who could see stars."

And my wish was granted.

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