To the girl who broke my heart
To the girl who broke my heart stories

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Kimberly Rose Scott
The girl who broke my heart

To the girl who broke my heart

To the girl who broke my heart

You didn't break it in the same way as everyone else

You didn't break it with your hands or words

You broke it when you left

May 22nd, 2014.

The day you took a part of me with you

You took the last little bit of hope I had

You didn't leave me in the same way as others

You didn't leave me like a lover, who used and abused my heart

You broke my heart with your kind words

You broke me with the most beautiful voice I'd heard

See the way you broke my heart is hard to explain

A different and darker kind of pain

When you lose a lover your life eventually goes on

But you, I spend every day dreaming, till dawn

I dream of the times I cried to you and you just held me.. and told me it'd be okay

You broke my heart because you lied, when you said it'd be okay

Because you wanted me to believe it..

Even though you'd let go one day

Even when you were hurting

You picked me up and fixed me

It wasn't until you left, that I realized what I was learning

I was learning what it mean to love someone, in the most innocent way

What I mean buy that

It wasn't lust or being in love

Like the way I love my partner

I wasn't in love with you emotionally and physically

I didn't want to kiss you or touch you intimately

I loved you for who you were

The way you instantly forgave the people who hurt you the most

I loved you for all you had to show

The way you smiled when I sang

The way you'd glow when your phone rang

When you got a text from that special boy

When something would happen and before I could say hello you were raging about it

The way you always held my hand

Or when you ran 2 miles to fight with me face to face

Because that's what real friends do

I won't ever replace you

But my standards of friends, rely on what you'd do

You taught me to cherish the time we have

To be more kind and understanding

To be someone's parachute for landing

You taught me to enjoy the little moments

To enjoy laughter

To laugh and acknowledge the pain after

You taught me that even when someone dies

They still live on

You taught me to be stronger

To love harder

To laugh longer

You broke my heart

But in the midst of the disaster

You taught me to love

To the girl who broke my heart

I wish you were still here

So we could sing and drink a beer

You're always here

Just not as near

Not as near as I'd like you to be

I'm not mad at you for leaveing

I'm just still in the process of grieveing

To the girl who never learned to love herself

Who thought everyone's world would keep turning

To the girl who broke my heart

Just know you left your mark

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