Not so young anymore
Not so young anymore sad stories

angelicagarner My pain is art.
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Life is full of decisions that are made for us Like having to go to school

Not so young anymore

Life is full of decisions that are made for us

Like having to go to school

Having to learn certain things

Life is full of curve balls

Some learn to fly when the fall

But some of us don't have that luxury

Some of us learn to embrace the pain

Learn to dance and feel the pouring rain

Like being thrown on gravel

And saying "it's okay, it doesn't hurt anymore"

When I was little I was look at as




As I got older that seemed to change

I became a young woman

"You've really grown up"

"You're not so young anymore"

What's the worst thing you can think of

I can answer that for you

Having the one decision of your own taken away

It's like someone taking your first born child from you

You know it's yours and you know it's wrong

You dream of wanting it and it happening

But when it does it's not what you anticipated

And you're left with the emptiness of what could've and should've been

That's what he did to me

He held me down and took the decision from me

I turned into something I didn't want to be

It got dark, weary and sad

Things began to break in me

I grew mad

Mad at god

Mad at the world

Mad knowing such hanieous things could exist

Now I live paranoid and aware

But now I can help others

I took the worst thing and turned it into a lesson

That's the point of life

All lessons

And I learned mine

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