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angelic_psyco I write what i feel. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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Short story but I hope y’all like it. Comment what y’all thank about it thanks.


One dark, cold night where everything seemed okay; I was left at home with no one around thinking thoughts of wonders. As I closed my eyes I could see nothing but the greatness of life; seeing myself happy, open; feeling alive for once.

I opened them, knowing what I go through, I started to feel unwanted, unhappy. The things I saw, I wanted that to be my life. Then the cold started to cover me, sadness covered my face. I closed my eyes again hoping to see happiness once more; I fell asleep instead.

As I started to wake from my sleep, I felt large hands on my body. Fear came over me as they covered my mouth so I wouldn’t scream. My eyes opened wide as I realized a man was hovering over me. I started to push him off of me but he was too strong. I felt pain as he entered my body yet I’m still fighting to get free. He powered over me;I’m weakening,I gave up.

The morning light shined bright through my window. Remembering the occurrences that happened last night, I started to cry. I’m alone living with a rapist I thought; my only escape was running away from this life. I heard my door open, hearing my moms voice and thinking she doesn’t know, killed me inside.

Pretending to be asleep, she walked out. I thought about telling her but, I knew her knowing will put her in danger. I started to pack my things. Tonight will be the night I run.

As the night started to fall, again I was alone. Wishing I could tell someone, I knew it will put them in danger. I closed my eyes once more seeing myself smile, hearing joyful noises. As I opened my eyes a smile came across my face knowing that what I saw will come to thee. And at that thought I left.

The next thing i remembered was breathing my last breath and seeing myself through angel eyes. I’m dead, in heaven, where I saw myself happy just days ago and I was the angel.

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